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Accounting Help for Your New Business

So, you've started a new business. That's great news - the freedom of being your own boss is truly liberating. Give your business an extra boost by making sure your financial systems work for you from the start. We have experience across many industries and have the information and know-how you need to be successful. Financial data is a key part of any business, giving you the tools to accurately predict growth, and plan for the future. We can provide that data and tell you exactly how to use it to your advantage. Here are some of the services that come as standard for all new business clients at Figurehead Accounts:

  • We set you up with a simple bookkeeping system tailored to your ability (or we do it for you)
  • We visit you with fast regular figures showing you how your business is doing.
  • We help you comply with the law (VAT, PAYE , CIS etc)
  • We give you the business advice and support you require.
  • We are at the end of the phone for quick informal advice and help.
  • At the year end we provide you with accounts and tax returns.
  • You pay us a monthly fee that you can easily afford.

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