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Accounting Help for Your Busy Business

A busy business is every business owners dream. At Figurehead Accounts we pride ourselves in our ability to go into companies and see how we can improve profitability. We put financial controls in place to keep your business working efficiently for you and your clients. We provide regular reports so you always know where you are with the money, with no nasty surprises waiting for you down the line. Here are some of the services that come as standard for all busy business clients at Figurehead Accounts:

  • We ensure your bookkeeping and accounts systems are simple and efficient.
  • We visit you with fast regular figures showing you how your business is doing.
  • We help you put in place financial controls to stay in control of your business and make it more efficient.
  • We give you the business advice and support you need to stay in control of your business and improve profitablity.
  • We give you advance tax planning advice .
  • At the year end we provide you with accounts and tax returns.
  • You pay us a monthly fee that you can easily afford.

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